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Wednesday, 18 January 2017
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Walks -

The village is having ELEVEN WALKS FOR ELEVEN TOWNS over the coming weeks.  Each walk will take in one or more of the eleven towns and will be suitable for most able people. 

Supervised children are welcome as are dogs under control. Please wear suitable clothing – strong shoes and maybe long trousers (nettles!).

The second walk will take in the township of Coton.  It is described on the village website 

 Trevor can be seen leading the way!

The first walk took place recently and was hailed as a great success by those participating.  One dog – Jove - went on the walk with his owner, Avril Sanders Royle – local chiropractor.  She says that Jove thought that “Despite the recent dreadful weather, the walkers were blessed with dry weather. Trevor took us on a lovely walk, using paths I had never been on before.  Walking is an inexpensive exercise and very good for you.  It was not strenuous and is suitable for most people.  I, Jove, had a great time too, even though there were a few stiles which were quite difficult for me – being just a dog. I did have a problem with a cattle grid as the gate to the side of it was unable to be opened, but the other walkers came to the rescue and put down a pallet to enable me to get across.  I hope that more people will come on the next walk with their dogs so that I won’t just have people to be with.”  Here he is hoping some other friendly dogs (and their owners) will come with him next time - how can you refuse?

Keep Fit -

By popular demand:-

We have a new Fitness Class runing in the Village. It is excellent value, and is reasonably well-attended already. But the "rules" for this sort of activity are simple. They must be financially sustainable. Although the instructor charges very reasonable rates, and the halls are pretty cheap, they have to be self-funding.

So in the words of somebody much cleverer than I, "USE THEM OR LOSE THEM"

Extend Classes aimed at Retirees

This excellent class takes place in the Victoria Room starting at 9:00am on a Thursday. It is aimed at beginners. In particular it is designed to improve mobility, balance and co-ordination. In this way we can reduce the risk of falling as we get older - but you are not too young to start! It is all about maintaining strength and making fluid, controlled movements. And there are a great bunch of people who already go. Come and join us.


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